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Fantastic Quality Clothes Rack in Polished brass and steel Mid 20th Cent

Ref 13448

Dame Laura Knight , R.A. , R.W.S. (British , 1877-1970)

Ref 2113

A 1920s George III Style White Painted and Parcel Gilt Console Table

Ref 14210

Good Pair of 19th cent Anglo-Portuguese Hall Chairs

Ref 12350

19th Cent English George IV Reclining Armchair with Provenance

Ref 12963

Very Useful Pair of 19th century English Cupboards in bleached oak

Ref 13687

Pair of 19th century Tole Chinoiserie Tea Canisters as Lamps

Ref 13849

19th Century English Three Tier Bleached Oak Buffet

Ref 13910

Unusually small 18th Cent Oak Bureau

Ref 13398

Good quality Pair of late 19th Cent English Brass Table Lamps

Ref 7254

Pair of Mid 20th Cent English Original Industrial Lights in Green

Ref 14358

English Regency Period Window Seat

Ref 14193

Pair of 19th Cent English Hall Chairs

Ref 12318

Late 19th / Early C20th English Overmantel Mirror in the Georgian Taste

Ref 14181

Early 19th century English Mahogany Bank of Drawers

Ref 13929

Pair of 19th century English Cast Iron Garden Urns

Ref 13911

Pair of Circa 1900 English Bleached Oak Chairs

Ref 14238

Pair of 19th Cent Oversized Pine Library Steps

Ref 12549

Early 19th Cent English Mahogany Bow fronted Chest of Drawers

Ref 13717

18th Cent English Mahogany Corner Cupboard

Ref 12657

Pair of 19th cent English Table Lights

Ref 13532

Large 19th cent English Country House Sofa

Ref 13267

Outstanding 18th Century Very Large Oval Frame

Ref 13126

Good Pair of Arts & Crafts English Brass Table Lamps

Ref 14306

Fine Quality English Toiletry Set : London Circa 1929

Ref 7501

19th Cent Oil on Canvas of a Dog

Ref 13105

Good quality Late 19th/ Early 20th Cent Table lamp

Ref 6916

Good 19th Cent English Country House Sofa

Ref 13240

19th Cent English Period Armchair

Ref 13257

18th century Country House Huffer Cupboard in original paint

Ref 11292

Pair of Circa 1900 Chinoiserie Candlesticks / Table Lamps

Ref 14320

Small Early C20th Cut Glass & Silver scent Bottle with Tortoiseshell lid

Ref 7123

Fine Pair of 19th Cent English Regency Bookcases

Ref 13368

19th Century Carved Stone Coat of Arms

Ref 6224

Good 1960s Polished Steel Table lamp

Ref 7166

Pair of 19th century English Table Lamps

Ref 11367

Mary Fedden R.A. British

Ref 2118

Large 18th Cent English Blue & White Plate

Ref 6356

Early 20th cent Desk Light

Ref 13255

Superb Bespoke Octagonal Regency Leather Stool / Coffee Table

Ref 13804

Good pair of Late 19th/ early 20th Cent English Table lights

Ref 7251

Large Pair of Late 19th century English Scallop Base Brass Table Lamps

Ref 14302

George III, English Chest on Chest in Burr Walnut

Ref 12656

Early 19th Cent English Regency Rosewood Chiffonier

Ref 14216

Early 19th Cent English Eight Legged Regency Sofa

Ref 13816

Early to Mid 19th Cent English Console Table in Original Paint

Ref 14180

Charming Pair of Circa 1900 Samson Vases / Table Lights

Ref 14305

Good pair of 19th Cent Carved Bath Stone Pedestals

Ref 6640

Pair of 19th Cent Ebonised Bookcases

Ref 13957

Outstanding 19th Century English Curved Garden Bench

Ref 14352

Early 19th Cent English Regency and (Later Altered) Console Table

Ref 14457

Great Pair of 1960s Sun Loungers

Ref 13633

Fine Pair of 19th century English Armchairs

Ref 12558

Fine Pair of Late C19th Mahogany Side Tables / Consoles in the George III taste

Ref 13693

Mid 20th Cent Florist Metal Stand

Ref 13113

George III Mahogany Dumb waiter

Ref 13904

George III English Green and White painted Pine & Gesso Moulded Fire Surround

Ref 13774

A good mid C19th gothic revival Bleached Oak Table

Ref 14217

Early 20th Century English Porters Chair

Ref 14404

19th Century English Country House Display Cabinet

Ref 14099

1960s Pottery Head

Ref 7806

Set of three reduction on panel from the Royal pavilion by Wilfred Frost

Ref 12288

Large Early 20th Cent Silver plated Cigar Box

Ref 7126

Very Large Circa 1900 English Pond Racer

Ref 14162

19th Cent Small Tilt Top Occasional Table

Ref 13916

Original Oil on Board by Gordon Bennet

Ref 12257

Good Pair of Late 19th cent English Chairs

Ref 13079

Good Late 19th / Early C20th Mercury Glass Plate English Mirror

Ref 14033

Circa 1900 English Alabaster Pendant

Ref 14156

Good pair of Late 19th Cent English Silver Plated Table Lamps

Ref 7255

19th Cent English Gilded Bench

Ref 12639

Large 19th Cent English Table Lamp in Brass

Ref 14316

Late 19th / Early C20th Sponge-Ware Vase

Ref 7557

19th Cent English Wingback Armchair

Ref 12954

Large C19th English, 18 arm Bronze and Copper Chandelier

Ref 12742

Matched pair of 19th Cent English Chesterfield Sofas in Linen

Ref 14446

Fine quality Early C20th Ivory & Silver plated Carving Set

Ref 7128

19th Century English Painted Occasional Tilt Top Table

Ref 14029

Set of Eight Early 19th Cent English Gothic Revival Dining Chairs

Ref 13653

Smart Pair of 19th Century English Console Tables in Bleached Oak

Ref 14173

Charming Pair of Early 19th Cent English Regency Penwork Chairs

Ref 13749

Large 19th Century English Mirror

Ref 14192

Early 19th Century English Breakfront Library Bookcase in Mahogany

Ref 14182

Late C19th Very large Victorian Silver plated Magnifying glass

Ref 7244

Circa 1890/1900 English Pond Racer

Ref 14157

Fine quality Late 18th/ Early 19th Cent English Library Table

Ref 13494

19th Century English Country House Sofa

Ref 14185

Late 19th/Early 20th Cent English Copper Lantern

Ref 13110

Early 20th cent Silver and Cut Glass Water Jug

Ref 7115

A Stunning English Country House Gilt Mirror

Ref 14244

19th Century Gueridon in the Style of Thomas Hope

Ref 14271

Late 19th Cent English Country House Post Box

Ref 6384

Wonderful Quality Circa 1910/1920 Cotswolds School Pedestal Mirror

Ref 14097

18th Century English Sycamore Bowl

Ref 14079

English metal rocking chair designed by R. W. Winfield

Ref 13963

Large 19th Century English Apothecary Jar

Ref 13983

Fine Quality 19th Cent English Mahogany and Satinwood banded Bookcase

Ref 14038

Collection of Pilkington's Royal Lancastrian Arts & Crafts Vases

Ref 14431

19th Century English Silver Plated Corinthian Table Lamp

Ref 14298

Matched Pair of 19th cent Cast Iron Garden Urns

Ref 11427

Early C20th English Leather Pig Attributed to Liberty

Ref 13397

19th Century English Painted Mirror of Very Large Size

Ref 13618

English Regency Yew wood, Burr Yew Wood and Satinwood Sofa Table

Ref 12539

C19th English " Horse and Groom" engraving in a Period Frame

Ref 13135

Circa 1900 Bleached Walnut Display Cabinet / Bookcase

Ref 14200

Pair of 19th century Carved Oak Table Lamps

Ref 12718

19th Cent English Mahogany & Leather library Chair

Ref 13611

Original artwork By Dame Laura Knight

Ref 1901

Circa 1910 English Demi lune Commode

Ref 13820

19th Century Country House Stand in Brass Two Pieces

Ref 13870

Fine pair of English Regency Chinoiserie Shields/Fans

Ref 7167

Good 19th Century English Chinoiserie Tilt top Table

Ref 13614

Unusual Late 18th/ Early 19th Cent Faux Books Tea Caddy

Ref 6833

Pair of Late 19th Cent English Silver-plated Candlesticks in the Rococo Taste

Ref 14315

Pair of Georgian Candlesticks in Oak and Brass

Ref 14303

Early 19th century English chest of drawers in Chestnut

Ref 13479

Early 19th Cent English Regency Convex Mirror

Ref 12291

Pair of Late 19 Century English Bleached Oak Armchairs

Ref 13919

Pair of Sheffield plated English Georgian Candlesticks

Ref 14307

1930s English Brass Table Lamp

Ref 13524

Fine Quality Early 19th Cent English Cheval Mirror

Ref 12959

Fine Pair of Circa 1880 English Gilded Brass Rococo Candlesticks

Ref 14300

Circa 1800 English Georgian Candlesticks

Ref 14309

Large Pair of circa 1900 English Silver-plated Candlesticks / Lamps

Ref 14311

Late 18th/early 19th cent English Mahogany Wine Cooler / Plate Warmer

Ref 13491

19th Century English Terracotta Classical Figure

Ref 14123

Fine pair of late 18th cent English Country house Hall Chairs

Ref 13481

19th Century English Pitch Pine Bookcase

Ref 14260

Good 1940s/50s English Wingback Leather Armchair

Ref 13935

Large Late 19th Cent English Rococo Style Brass Lamp

Ref 14319

Charming 1940s Oil on Canvas

Ref 13962

Early 20th Century English Library Armchair and Foot Stool

Ref 14067

Small English Georgian Tray

Ref 13871
This section of Brownrigg Interiors features our outstanding variety of English antiques dating from the early 18th century to sooner. Our English furniture collection often includes English sofas and English armchairs. These seating options often introduce great character and comfort. There is often a good collection of display cabinets that come with a decent storage space.  Other antique decorative items includes English antique pottery.