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Fine Pair of 1940s Italian Ebonised Chairs

Ref 11350

Unusual 1960s Italian Floor Lamp

Ref 11472

Stylish 1950s Italian Brass Chandelier

Ref 11517

Set of 10 Antique Verona Marble Capitols

Ref 11067

Outstanding 18th Century Italian Marble Torso

Ref 4009

Unusual Pair of 1970s Bedside Tables

Ref 11327

A Fantastic Pair of 19th Century Italian Walnut Benches

Ref 10749

Fantastic Pair of 1970s Italian Console Tables

Ref 10845

Wonderful and Large 19th cent Water gilt Wooden Carving

Ref 7158

19th Century 'Grand Tour' Marble Lion

Ref 11516

Italian 1960s Brass Floor Lamp

Ref 11305

A finely carved pair of 19th century Walnut Putti

Ref 7479

Pair of Early 19th cent Italian Armchairs

Ref 10965

Italian 1950s Drinks Trolley

Ref 11159

Outstanding and Very Large 19th cent Display Cabinet / Bookcase

Ref 11527

Large Pair of 1970s Wall Lights

Ref 10956

19th Century Italian Brass Coronet

Ref 11411

Fine Italian 1950s Rosewood Cabinet

Ref 10888

1960s Rosewood Side Cabinet in the manner of Osvaldo Borsani

Ref 11364

Set of 4early 18th Cent Venetian Vellum Books

Ref 3301

Mid 20th Century Brass Standard Lamp

Ref 11306

Wonderful 1940s Italian Centre/ Dining Table

Ref 11361

18th Cent Italian Painted Staircase

Ref 10988

Wonderful 1970s Italian Dining Table

Ref 10950

19th Century Italian Rouge Marble Tazza

Ref 3895

Original 1950s Fornasetti Umbrella Stand

Ref 10754

1970s Faux-Tortoiseshell Table Lamp

Ref 11317

Italian 1960s Chrome Coat-Stand

Ref 11307

Circa 1900 Italian Onix Tazza

Ref 4729

Italian 1970s Coffee Table

Ref 11274

Large 1970s Italian Coffee Table

Ref 10999

Set of Four 19th Cent Italian Chairs

Ref 11478

Occasional Table by Osvaldo Borsani

Ref 11526

Pair of 1970s Italian Oval Sofa tables

Ref 11533

18th Cent Italian Vellum Book

Ref 3875

Italian 19th Century Console Table

Ref 11397

Late 19th/ early 20th cent French Marble Urn

Ref 11066

1930s Italian Glass Chandelier

Ref 11477

Unusual Italian Grey & Gilt Table Lamp

Ref 11414

Unusual Pair of Italian Armillary Sphere Tables

Ref 11331

Pair of Italian 1950s Console Tables

Ref 11160

An Italian Travertine & Gilt Brass Table Lamp, 1970s

Ref 10467

Stylish 1960s Italian Drinks Trolley

Ref 11157

1970’s Italian Brass and Burr-wood Table Lamp

Ref 11318

Our Italian antiques collection includes antique Italian furniture along with some contemporary Italian and decorative pieces such as a beautiful range of Italian paintings, wall lights, Italian table lamps, cabinets, Italian console tables, armchairs, Italian mirrors and commodes.

The fine brushwork that is evident in all the paintings and the creative carpentry are often evident in this collection. The Italian interpretation of antiques sets it apart from many of its contemporaries and makes many pieces widely desirable. Browse through our collection of Italian antiques.