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Superb Pair of Contemporary Herbs Pressings

Ref 13048

Stylish 1950s Italian Sofa

Ref 13635

Good 1970s Rosewood Display / Shelving Unit

Ref 13669

Late 18th Cent Italian Painted and Gilded Sofa/ Bench

Ref 13286

Fine Pair of 1940s Italian Ebonised Chairs

Ref 11350

Wonderful 18th cent Italian Rococo Console Table

Ref 13752

Stylish Pair of 1950s Italian Console Tables

Ref 13824

Early C19th Italian Mahogany Serpentine Console Table

Ref 13940

1960s/70s Italian Ebonised Side Table with Four Gilt Bronze Duck Heads

Ref 14018

Decorative Italian 'Turbot' Bowl, Circa 1970s

Ref 11856

Late 19th Cent Classical Statue of Marcus Aurelius

Ref 14167

1960s Rosewood Side Cabinet in the manner of Osvaldo Borsani

Ref 13625

Wonderful Pair of C19th Italian Silver Gilt Chairs

Ref 13976

Stylish Pair of 1950s Italian Upholstered Armchairs

Ref 13097

Pair of 1940s Wall Lights in the manner of Liberty

Ref 11788

A Fantastic 19th Century Italian Walnut Bench

Ref 10749

Pair of mid 20th cent Italian Wall Lights

Ref 13868

1970s Italian Coffee Table in the Baroque Style

Ref 13999

Very Unusual Early C19th Italian Gilt and Walnut Console Table

Ref 12285

Great 1950s Italian Drinks Trolley

Ref 11798

19th Cent Gilded Four Arm Hanging Light

Ref 12726

Superb Pair of Contemporary Herbs Pressings

Ref 13047

Pair of 18th Cent Italian Painted and Lacquered Side Chairs

Ref 13282

Outstanding and original Set of 1940s Italian Dining Table and Chairs

Ref 13394

Large Mid 20th Cent Italian Ceramic Planter in the shape of a Shell

Ref 13338

Italian 1950s Drinks Trolley

Ref 11159

Early 19th century Large Italian Painted Mirror

Ref 12013

Pair of 18th Century Italian Embossed Leather Hall Chairs

Ref 14148

Outstanding 18th Century Italian Marble Torso

Ref 4009

Mid 20th Cent Italian Occasional Table in Brass

Ref 13695

Fine Pair of 1930s Italian Bedside Tables in the Louis XV Taste

Ref 12610

1970s Italian Console Table

Ref 13330

Large mid 20th century Italian Terracotta Urn

Ref 14064

Italian Chrome and Fossilised Slate Top Coffee Table attributed to Gianfranco Frattini

Ref 14140

Stylish Pair of 1950s Italian Standing Lights

Ref 12616

1970s silver Plated & Glass Tray and Stand

Ref 12948

Mid 20th Century Italian Sideboard designed by Afra & Tobia Scarpa ( 1966 )

Ref 14073

"Yolanda Graziani” Circa 1970 Oil on Board

Ref 13238

Pair of 1950s Italian Upholstered Armchairs

Ref 12006

1950s Italian Parchment Covered Trolley by Aldo Tura

Ref 13357

Pair of Italian 1950s Gilt and Patinated Bronze Plinths

Ref 12183

Pair 19th Cent Bleached Oak Hall Chairs

Ref 13094

Mid 20th century Italian Wall Light in the Bagues taste

Ref 11760

Outstanding and Rare 1950s Italian Standing Light

Ref 13307

Stylish Set of Ten 1970s Italian Chrome Dining Chairs

Ref 11907

1970s Octagonal Coffee Table in the style of Gabriella Crespi

Ref 11545

Circa 1920s Pair of Carved Wall Brackets

Ref 11663

Pair of 19th cent Italian Painted Prickets

Ref 13789

Large Pair of 1960s Italian Side Chairs

Ref 14010

Good Pair of Early 19th Cent Italian Console Tables

Ref 13785

Fine 18th Century Venetian Pier Mirror

Ref 11821

Matched Pair of 19th Cent Venetian Mirrors

Ref 13969

18th century Italian Walnut Bureau

Ref 12296

Early 19th century Italian Commode with Onyx Top

Ref 13111

18th Cent Italian Painted Staircase

Ref 10988

Pair of Late 19th century Italian Marble Table Lamps

Ref 13733

Unusual pair of 19th century Italian Walnut Ewers

Ref 13661

18th Century Italian Corner Cupboard in Original Paint

Ref 13958

Superb C19th Italian Centre Table in Walnut with Marble Top

Ref 14153

Early 19th Cent Italian Console Table of Large Proportions

Ref 12965

19th Century Italian Ebonised and Faux Tortoiseshell Mirror

Ref 14142

Pair of 1960/70s Italian beech lamps in the form of book presses

Ref 13845

1970 Italian walnut and brass adjustable table with dogs head finial

Ref 13842

1960s Italian Drinks Trolley

Ref 13215

Pair of Early 20th Cent Italian Standing Lights

Ref 12290

Wonderful pair of 19th cent Italian Oil on Canvas

Ref 12627

Pair of 1930s Italian Painted Table Lamps

Ref 11664

Italian 1960s Chrome Coat-Stand

Ref 11307

Stylish 1960s Italian Drinks Trolley

Ref 11157

Large late 19th Century Venetian Mirror

Ref 14072

Wonderful 19th Century Florentine Cushion Mirror

Ref 13959

1930s/40s Italian Serpentine Commode

Ref 14170

1940s Italian Coffee Table in the Style of Liberty

Ref 11787

Pair of 18th Cent Panels adapted as Wall Lights

Ref 12652

18th Century Italian Inlaid Walnut Bureau

Ref 14032

A finely carved pair of 19th century Walnut Putti

Ref 7479

Pair of 1950s/60s Italian table Lamps

Ref 13872

19th Century Italian Brass Coronet

Ref 11411

19th Century Italian Rouge Marble Tazza

Ref 3895

Pair of 19th cent Italian Girandole Mirrors

Ref 11884

Mid 20th century Italian Occasional Table

Ref 14065

Our Italian antiques collection includes antique Italian furniture along with some contemporary Italian and decorative pieces such as a beautiful range of Italian paintings, wall lights, Italian table lamps, cabinets, Italian console tables, armchairs, Italian mirrors and commodes.

The fine brushwork that is evident in all the paintings and the creative carpentry are often evident in this collection. The Italian interpretation of antiques sets it apart from many of its contemporaries and makes many pieces widely desirable. Browse through our collection of Italian antiques.