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Collection of 14 1950s/70s Continental Cane Mirrors

Ref 13409

Early 19th century Spanish Painted Chair

Ref 12072

Pair of Spanish 1970s Occasional Two Tier Brass Side Tables

Ref 11982

Two original paintings by Pedro Muñoz Condado ( 1903-1988 )

Ref 13138

19th Century Spanish 12 Arm Glass Chandelier

Ref 14845

Very Stylish 1970s Spanish Gilt Tole Standing Light

Ref 14220

Wonderful Selection of 12 Late 18th and C19th Spanish Framed Tiles

Ref 13780

1960s/70s Spanish Wall Hanging Sculpture of a Deer

Ref 14334

Unusual circa 1960s/70s Spanish Copper Wall Light / Wall Decoration

Ref 14332

Large 1950s/60s Spanish Gilt Metal Sunburst

Ref 14719

A Spanish 1950s gilt wrought metal grill

Ref 13649

Outstanding Set of 12 Spanish Steel and Brass Dining Chairs

Ref 14879

Unusual 1960s Spanish Martini Table

Ref 14759

Pair of Mid 20th Century Spanish Wall Lights

Ref 14746

Group of 9 , Late 18th and 19th century Spanish Framed tiles

Ref 13753

1960s Spanish Silver plated Table Lamp with Original Vellum Shade

Ref 14188

Large 1950s /60s Spanish Hanging / Wall Light

Ref 14772

Chic Pair of 1970s Folding Bar Stools in Bamboo

Ref 14753

Set of Eight Mid 20th century Carvers in the Regency Taste in the style of Pierre Lottier

Ref 14624

Pair of Mid 20th Cent Spanish White Glazed Terracotta Hanging Lights

Ref 14744

Pair of Spanish Gilded Metal Wall Lights Mid 20th Cent

Ref 13699

Superb 1970s Faux Classic Aston Martin from a Photographers Studio

Ref 14701

Superb and Comfortable Pair of 1960s Spanish Leather Sofas/ Benches

Ref 14235

1960s folding steel tray top occasional table

Ref 13848

Pair of 1950s Spanish Faux Bamboo Three Tier Tables

Ref 14478

19th Century Spanish Walnut Table

Ref 13496

Pair of 1960s Spanish Glazed Finials from the South of Spain

Ref 13631

Large Pair of 1960s Gilt Metal Wall Uplighter's

Ref 14672

Rare Pair of 17th Century Wooden and polychrome Candlesticks

Ref 3893

Pair of Late 20th century Spanish X Frame Leather Slipper Chairs

Ref 14661

17th Century Spanish Folding Table

Ref 12528

Beautiful 1940s Spanish Eight Arm Glass Chandelier

Ref 14720

Very Stylish 1960s Spanish Occasional / Garden Table

Ref 13239

Pair of 1960s/70s Spanish Wall Lights

Ref 14190

Stylish Pair of 1970s Silver Plated Floor Lamps

Ref 14209

Pair of Mid 20th Cent Spanish Sunburst Mirrors in Pine

Ref 14582

Set of Six 1960s Spanish Slipper Chairs in Leather

Ref 14040

Circa 1960s Spanish Room Divider / Screen in Two Sections

Ref 13672

1960s Spanish Martini table

Ref 13225

Good pair of 1960s Spanish Valenti Table lights

Ref 13960

19th Century Spanish Kitchen Bowl

Ref 14419

Large Bronze Coffee Table by Italy Valenti (Spain)

Ref 14678

Pair of 1970s Spanish Leather Armchairs

Ref 14265

Mid 20th Century Spanish Gilded Metal Mirror

Ref 14630

Late 18th Cent Painted Rustic Curved Spanish Settle

Ref 13626

Wonderful Set of Six 1940s Faux Bamboo Gilded Metal Chairs

Ref 13973

Pair of 1950s Spanish X Frame Stools

Ref 14785

1960s/70s Spanish Table lamp in the manner of Valenti

Ref 13433

Fabulous Pair of 1940s/50s Spanish Oversized Wall Lanterns

Ref 13597

Pair of Italian 19th Century Carved Table Lamps

Ref 10858

Pair of 1970s Spanish Pineapple wall Lights in Steel

Ref 11993

Very Unusual 1970s Spanish Three Fold Glass & Metal Screen

Ref 14009

1970s Spanish Wrought Iron Gilded Standard Lamp

Ref 14865

Pair of Mid 18th Century Spanish Walnut Side Chairs

Ref 14208

Pair of Mid 20th Cent Spanish Gilt Metal Mirrors

Ref 13696

Very Stylish 1970s Spanish Faux Tortoiseshell Table Lamp

Ref 14101

Original Watercolour by Gutierrez de La Concha

Ref 13268

Very unusual 19th century Spanish Lebrillo from Granada

Ref 14416

Very Stylish 1960s/70s Spanish Wall Hanging

Ref 14333

19th Century Spanish Glazed Ceramic Bowl

Ref 14421

18th Century Spanish

Ref 5890

1970s / 80s Spanish Sunburst Mirror

Ref 13722

Pair of Patinated Brass Table Lamps

Ref 11420

C18th Giltwood and Gesso Silvered Plaque of the Paschal Lamb

Ref 5761

Large 1960s Spanish Glass Table lamp

Ref 13928

Outstanding & Rare Late C19th Spanish Armchair by Joan Busquets ( Barcelona )

Ref 13380

Large 1970s Spanish Sunburst Mirror / Wall Light

Ref 14353

A Fine Pair of Spanish Walnut ‘(Alhambra) Folding Armchairs

Ref 14211

Mid 20th cent Spanish wrought Iron Table

Ref 13332

1970s Spanish Valenti Table Lamp with the Original Shade

Ref 14839

Pair of 1960s Spanish Wall Lights

Ref 12119

Mid C20th Spanish Anatomical Model

Ref 13217

1960s Spanish Martini table

Ref 13223

Set of Five 1950s/60s Spanish Sunburst Mirrors

Ref 14878

Very Rare Pair of Early 20th Cent Merry Go Round Lion and Lioness

Ref 14884

Rare C17th Spanish Baroque Cupboard ( Alterations )

Ref 12693

Mid C20th Oak Barrel Front from Spain

Ref 12649

Large 19th Cent Spanish Lebrillo from Triana

Ref 14414

Pair of Mid 20th century Spanish Luggage Stands

Ref 13466

Elegant Pair of Classical Silver-plated Spanish Floor Lamps

Ref 14291

Two Pairs of C19th Spanish Faience Armorial Tile Pictures

Ref 12122

Pair of Mid 20th Century Spanish Silverplated Candelabras

Ref 14103

18th Cent Spanish Stone Capital

Ref 13703

Large Pair of 1960s Spanish Glazed Finials from the South of Spain

Ref 13630

Spanish Cobblers Primitive Stools

Ref 13971

Pair of 1970s Spanish Bamboo Table Lights

Ref 14767

Very Unusual 1950s Surrealist Influenced Spanish Hall Coat Stand in Metal

Ref 13652

Pair of 1950s/60s Spanish Stools

Ref 14541

Large 19th Century Spanish Carved Giltwood Mirror

Ref 13720

Pair of Mid 20th Century Small Spanish Table Lamps

Ref 13707

Outstanding Set of 12 Spanish Steel and Brass Dining Chairs

Ref 14886

Pair of 1970s Spanish Wall Lights

Ref 12508

Fine Quality Early to Mid C20th Spanish Gilded Occasional Table

Ref 14179

18th Century Spanish Oil Painting

Ref 11416

Outstanding 1960s Spanish Centre Table

Ref 14075

18th cent Spanish Walnut Chair

Ref 12495

1950s/60s Spanish Rhino Stool in Leather

Ref 13828

1960s Spanish Martini table

Ref 13230

Wonderful Pair of Large 19th Cent Spanish Oil on Canvas

Ref 13261

Circa 1950/60s Spanish Wrought Iron Wall Lights

Ref 7017

Pair of 1970s Spanish Painted Metal Lanterns

Ref 14625

Pair of 1960s Gilded Metal Spanish Wall lights

Ref 14405

1960s Spanish Martini table

Ref 13222

A Wonderful 17th Century Carved Wooden Figure of Christ

Ref 10418

Mid 20th Cent Spanish White Glazed Terracotta Single Hanging Light

Ref 14748

Antique Venezuelan Consulat Sign

Ref 11712

Late C18th Spanish Carlos IV Folding Neoclassical Games/ Card Table

Ref 14545

Wonderful 19th Century Spanish Walnut Occasional Table

Ref 6672

Pair of Mid 20th Cent Spanish Ice Buckets

Ref 14068

Pair of Mid 20th Cent Spanish Silver Plated Table Lamps

Ref 14361

19th Century Spanish Ceramic Bowl

Ref 6880

Large 1960s / 70s Spanish Brass Crab Box

Ref 13985

1950s Spanish Brass Jardiniere

Ref 12518

Large Mid 20th Century Neoclassical Urn in Bronze

Ref 14164

Oscar Tusquets Original Trebol Table / Occasional Table

Ref 14350

1970s Spanish Two Tier Coffee Table in Brass

Ref 14798

Large Mid C20th Spanish Silver Gilt Lantern in the Moroccan taste

Ref 13465

Set of Three Spanish Mid 20th century Sunburst Mirrors

Ref 14871

Rare Early 20th Cent Merry Go Round Cat

Ref 14895

Large 1960s/70s Spanish Gilded Metal Mirror in the Classical taste

Ref 13943

Very Large 1950s Manises Ceramic Table Lamp

Ref 14765

Collection of 10 Circa 1950s/70s Spanish Sunburst Mirrors

Ref 13800
Here we have some wonderful Spanish Antiques. Our beautiful range of Spanish antiques often includes antique Spanish furniture, Spanish ceramics, Spanish pottery, Spanish chandeliers and other decorative antique items from Spain.
All our collection is true to the magnificence of the Spanish styles. Browse through the page for details about all the available items.