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1950s/60s French mounted Abstract Sculpture in Bronze

Ref 13891

Pair of 1960s Spanish Glazed Finials from the South of Spain

Ref 13631

Wonderful Selection of 12 Late 18th and C19th Spanish Framed Tiles

Ref 13780

Very Stylish 1980s Lucite Ice Bucket

Ref 12723

Large 1930s French Brass Triptych Mirror

Ref 14401

Stylish 1970s Standard Lamp

Ref 14396

Large “Pacific Island “ Carved Round Wooden Wall Hanging

Ref 14867

Mid C20th Spanish Anatomical Model

Ref 13217

Very Large Circa 1900 English Pond Racer

Ref 14162

Fantastic Quality Clothes Rack in Polished brass and steel Mid 20th Cent

Ref 13448

Superb 1940s French Art Deco Enfilade by Jean -Charles Moreux

Ref 14617

Group of 9 , Late 18th and 19th century Spanish Framed tiles

Ref 13753

1950s French Champagne Bucket

Ref 13401

Superb 1960s/70s Leather and Rosewood Armchair

Ref 14252

Pair of 1960s Gilded Metal Spanish Wall lights

Ref 14405

Pair of Mid 20th Century Occasional Chairs

Ref 14230

1960s/70s Spanish Table lamp in the manner of Valenti

Ref 13433

Large and Sculptural Pair of Mid 20th cent French Garden Urns

Ref 14275

Original oil on canvas of Flowers

Ref 13374

Unusual Pair of Mid C20th Sofa/ Wine Tables in the Shape of Trees

Ref 14281

Mid C20th French Caviar Dish

Ref 14587

Smart Pair of 1950's Lacquer Top Two Tier Brass Side Tables

Ref 14213

Pair of 1970s Spanish Leather Armchairs

Ref 14265

Wonderful 1940s Six Arm Chandelier

Ref 11771

Early C20th English Leather Pig Attributed to Liberty

Ref 13397

Pair of 1930s French Table Lamps

Ref 14577

Wonderful 1970s Anthony Redmile Shell Mirror

Ref 14519

Good Pair of 19th century Dutch framed Tiles

Ref 13676

Outstanding 1930s Arts & Crafts Glasgow School Desk / Dining Table

Ref 13775

Mid 20th century Cut Glass & Silver plated Lemonade / Water Jug

Ref 14578

Set of 9 Early C20th Metal Boxes in Original Paint

Ref 14202

"Untitled" Original Gouache on Paper by Trevor Bell, Signed and dated 1962

Ref 14546

Superb 1950s Faux Bois Garden Table

Ref 14440

Beautiful 1940s Spanish Eight Arm Glass Chandelier

Ref 14720

Outstanding Mid C20th Large Round Dining Table

Ref 14905

Circa 1900/1910 English Brass Table Light

Ref 5983

Early 20th cent Desk Light

Ref 13255

Great Pair of 1960s Sun Loungers

Ref 13633

Pair of 1950s Spanish X Frame Stools

Ref 14785

Stylish 1970s French Console Table

Ref 13403

Wonderful , Late 20th Cent Vintage

Ref 5800

Circa 1930s Art Deco Floor Light

Ref 14284

Very stylish 1950s French Enfilade by Charles Ramos

Ref 14788

Large Scale 1940s Oak Armchair

Ref 14686

Wonderful set of Six Early to Mid 20th Cent Turkish Vases

Ref 14415

Large 1970s Square Two Tier Coffee Table

Ref 14821

Large Bronze Coffee Table by Italy Valenti (Spain)

Ref 14678

Large Pair of 1960s Spanish Glazed Finials from the South of Spain

Ref 13630

1970s Spanish Valenti Table Lamp with the Original Shade

Ref 14839

Stylish Pair of 1970s Silver Plated Floor Lamps

Ref 14209

Mid 20th Cent Louvre Museum Cast " Aphrodite with Necklace"

Ref 14851

Mid 20th Cent Florist Metal Stand

Ref 13113
Stunning and decorative, these classic vintage pieces are worthy of making it straight to the collectors repertoire and can also grace the contemporary homes in the most versatile of the ways. Our eclectic stock of vintage items often includes vintage lighting, vintage paintings, vintage leather cases and vintage trunks.

Our wide range of vintage leather cases and travel trunks are particularly popular for storage and as coffee tables and side tables.