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Antique Seating for all Occasions


30 September 2013

Set of Early 19th Century Spanish Dinin Chairs
Set of Early 19th Century Spanish Dinin Chairs The ways of the people of the olden times often defined the look and the comfort of the chairs. For instance the monks resorted to strict living and so comfort was not a defining factor, which made the medieval designs more austere. The Greeks gave a lot of emphasis to comfort and so their designs were more leisurely.

We are particualrly proud of our fine collection of antique seating that reflect a wide variety of seating options such as chairs, benches and daybeds that span a number of periods and contries.

Our newest additions to the collection include a wonderful set of early 19th Century Spanish dining chairs. These beautiful dining chairs from Spain still retain their original paint and are perfect for the country kitchen and can be paired with any farmhouse dining table like a French farmhouse dining table.

We are also proud to offer eight Antique Rosewood dining chairs from the late 19th century / turn of the 20th century. These rosewood dining chairs with birch inlay, in the classical taste, having been recently reupholstered in a neutral linen, that will work well in most settings.


Italian Walnut Bench from 18th Century
Italian Walnut Bench from 18th Century Apart from these there are various other 18th, 19th and 20th century seating items in our showroom that showcase the defining factors of their origins. These include a fine quality Italian 18th century Walnut Bench  and a 19th Century English country house daybed.

We even showcase a rare example of an early 20th century English Howard & Sons Library Armchair and many other examples of Howard furniture. There is also an outstanding pair of Victorian country house English Sofas by Howard & Sons  which are most atractive and unusual. In fact a search of our site for 'howard' reveals no leass than 5 examples! These old world furniture items have a deep sense of history and make interesting inclusions to the modern designs.