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Late 19th century French Painted Stool

Ref 14021

Good Pair of 19th Cent Stools in Walnut

Ref 13482

Jean Prouvé (1901-1984 ) & Jules Leleu (1883-1961) Adjustable Lounge Chair Circa 1940

Ref 14698

Late 19th Cent French Walnut Stool

Ref 12000

Pair of Late C19th Moorish Stools

Ref 13353

Spanish Cobblers Primitive Stools

Ref 13971

Pair of Early to Mid 20th Cent Italian Naturalistic Benches

Ref 14585

Fine Early 19th Cent Irish Regency Sofa in Rosewood

Ref 13811

Wonderful Pair of Circa 1900 French Painted Daybeds

Ref 12144

Pair of Late 20th century Spanish X Frame Leather Slipper Chairs

Ref 14661

Late 18th Cent Italian Painted and Gilded Sofa/ Bench

Ref 13286

Very Large 19th century Swedish Bench

Ref 12721

Good Pair of Bespoke Painted Window Seats using 19th cent Elements

Ref 13591

Charming Pair of Mid 20th century French Industrial Benches

Ref 13796

Late 18th Cent Painted Rustic Curved Spanish Settle

Ref 13626

Unusual Early 20th century Edwardian Curved Neoclassical Mahogany Bench

Ref 14690

Superb and Comfortable Pair of 1960s Spanish Leather Sofas/ Benches

Ref 14235

Wonderful Pair of Large 19th cent Painted Benches in original Paint

Ref 13076

Superb Bespoke Octagonal Regency Leather Stool / Coffee Table

Ref 13804

Charming Pair of 18th Century French Small Stools

Ref 14694

18th Cent French Chestnut Sofa/ Bench from Bordeaux

Ref 13682

A 1950s polished steel tripod stool with ducks head finials

Ref 13841

Chic Pair of 1970s Folding Bar Stools in Bamboo

Ref 14753

Pair of Mid 20th century French Painted Stools

Ref 14626

Pair of 1970s French Ebonised Luggage Stands / Stools

Ref 14649

Late C19th Moorish Sofa / Bench

Ref 13356

Outstanding Late C19th French Hall Bench

Ref 13128

19th Century English Country House Regency Scroll End Sofa / Daybed

Ref 14681

Stylish Pair of 1970s/80s French Bamboo Benches

Ref 14534

Great Pair of 1960s Sun Loungers

Ref 13633

Pair of George II Revival Irish Stools previously in the Drue Heinz Collection

Ref 13426

Great Pair of Early to Mid 20th Cent Adjustable Industrial Bar Stools

Ref 14108

19th Cent English Gilded Bench

Ref 12639

English Regency Period Window Seat

Ref 14193

Pair of 1950s/60s Spanish Stools

Ref 14541

Pair of 19th cent French Benches in Ash

Ref 13251

Late 18th Century Italian Hall Bench in Walnut

Ref 14277

Late 19th Century Cast iron Garden Bench

Ref 14268

Mid 20th cent Pollard Oak Bench

Ref 12978

19th century Garden Bench

Ref 13474

Circa 1900 French Daybed in the Directoire taste

Ref 12696
This section features a number of seating options, be they antique benches, stools or daybeds, suitable for most rooms. With the variety available at Brownrigg there is an almost endless choice of creative seating options. There are Afghan Kilim covered antique stools available and these work very well with all kinds of other antique setting even where space is limited.

We often offer day bed options at Brownrigg in different styles from different places and times. There is a lot of versatility in terms of the available designs. The antique day beds are one of the most useful pieces of furniture as these can be easily put to use as sofas as well just by adding some nice fluffy pillows. They are usually small and do not take up too much of space. There are also a few interesting 19th century chest/bench items. Some are plain and some ornate and many with good storage capacity. Browse through the categories for details.