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19th Cent English Gothic Hall Chair in Oak

Ref 12868

Good 1940s French Black Leather Chesterfield Sofa

Ref 13854

Pair of 19th Cent English Hall Chairs

Ref 12318

Pair of 18th Cent Italian Painted and Lacquered Side Chairs

Ref 13282

19th cent French Country Armchair

Ref 12452

19th Cent English Painted Fauteuil

Ref 12210

Outstanding & Rare Late C19th Spanish Armchair by Joan Busquets ( Barcelona )

Ref 13380

Late C19th/ Early C20th French Sofa in the Louis XVI taste

Ref 11026

19th Cent American Adirondack Rocking Chair

Ref 12819

Pair of Early 20th Cent Louis XV revival Armchairs

Ref 11615

19th Cent English Mahogany Hall Chair

Ref 12874

Early 19th cent Swedish Gustavian Bench

Ref 13730

Pair of 19th Cent French Painted Fauteuils in the Louis XVI taste

Ref 13739

Late C19th Moorish Sofa / Bench

Ref 13356

19th Cent English George IV Reclining Armchair with Provenance

Ref 12963

19th Cent Swedish Painted Barrel Chair in original paint

Ref 12567

Early 20th Cent French Fruitwood Duchesse Brisée in the Louis XVI taste

Ref 13721

Wonderful Late 19th cent French Painted Armchair

Ref 13577

Stylish Pair of Early C20th French Armchairs

Ref 13463

A Chinese 'Coral' Sofa, 1970s

Ref 12529

Wonderful Pair of 1930s French Armchairs in the Louis XVI taste

Ref 12623

Good pair of 1950s/60s Danish Leather Armchairs

Ref 13790

Good Set of Six Italian Dining / Occasional Chairs

Ref 11498

19th cent Small Bordeaux Painted Chair

Ref 12041

Large Pair of French Oak Armchairs

Ref 11800

Fine Pair of 1940s Italian Ebonised Chairs

Ref 11350

Early 19th Cent English Eight Legged Regency Sofa

Ref 13816

Large 19th cent English Country House Sofa

Ref 13267

Pair of C19th Quarter Sawn Oak English Country House Hall Chairs

Ref 13185

Late 19th/ Early 20th Cent French Ebonised French Desk Chair

Ref 13704

Pair of 1960s Chairs

Ref 11275

Good 19th Cent English Country House Sofa

Ref 13240

Pair of Large 19th cent Chinese Armchairs in Elm

Ref 13877

Pair of 1950s Spanish Folding Armchairs in Beech and Leather

Ref 13052

Early C19th English Mahogany Sofa

Ref 13171

Pair of 19th Cent French Painted Fauteuils

Ref 12455

19th Cent English Leather Library Armchair

Ref 12563

Pair of 19th cent Italian Neoclassical Chairs

Ref 12780

Rare Suite of Joseph-André Motte Serie 800 for Stainer

Ref 13778

Set of Six 19th cent Swedish Chairs sold as pairs.

Ref 12750

Circa 1900 French Painted Marquise in the Louis XV taste

Ref 12697

Large 19th Cent English Desk Chair

Ref 12653

Good Pair of early 20th Cent French Painted Armchairs

Ref 13459

Good Pair of French Circa 1900 Rosewood Armchairs

Ref 13814

18th Cent Swedish Painted Ocassional Chair

Ref 13296

18th cent Spanish Walnut Chair

Ref 12495

Large 19th Cent English Country House Wingback Armchair

Ref 13864

19th Cent English Wingback Armchair

Ref 12954

Fine quality C19th French Painted Sofa in the Louis XVI taste

Ref 11193

19th Cent English Wingback Armchair

Ref 12910

19th Cent English Period Armchair

Ref 13257

Very Unusual Napoleon III French Club Chair

Ref 12897

Fine 19th Cent French Gilded Settee

Ref 12561

Late 18th Cent French Bleached Walnut Sofa

Ref 13488

Wonderful 18th Cent Swedish Gustavian Armchair

Ref 12564

Unusual Brass Armchair with Whipped Heads

Ref 12195

18th Cent French Chestnut Sofa/ Bench from Bordeaux

Ref 13682

1940s French Occasional Painted Chair

Ref 12568

Wonderful Set of Late C19th English Occasional / Dining Chairs

Ref 12926

19th Century Painted Bergeres

Ref 10863

Good 18th Century English Wingback Armchair

Ref 12982

19th Cent French Empire Painted Armchair / Desk Chair

Ref 13118

19th Century french Two Seater Sofa

Ref 12209

1920s/30s French Leather Bergere in the Louis XVI taste

Ref 11506

Wonderful set of Four 19th Cent Swedish Provincial Chairs

Ref 12589

Stylish Pair of 1950s Italian Upholstered Armchairs

Ref 13097

Outstanding 19th cent Swedish Bench of Large Proportions

Ref 12741

Charming Pair of Early 19th Cent English Regency Penwork Chairs

Ref 13749

A Fantastic 19th Century Italian Walnut Bench

Ref 10749

Pair of 1950s French Bridge Chairs in their original leather

Ref 12891

Very Unusual Early 19th Cent French Charles X Elm Sofa

Ref 13809

Pair of His & Hers French Fauteuils

Ref 12785

Fine Pair of 19th century English Armchairs

Ref 12558

Pair of Late C19th French Louis XVI Revival Armchairs

Ref 12331

19th Cent English Country House Sofa

Ref 12832

Pair 19th Cent Bleached Oak Hall Chairs

Ref 13094

Empire-Style Ebonised Settee

Ref 10940

Pair of 1960s Wrought Iron Conservatory Chairs

Ref 13518

Fine pair of late 18th cent English Country house Hall Chairs

Ref 13481

Late 19th cent French Childs Armchair

Ref 12512

Pair of 1970s Bleached Oak Open Armchairs

Ref 12710

Pair of 1960s Later Ebonised and Gilded Mahogany Armchairs

Ref 13825

Pair of Early 20th Cent French Louis XVI Revival Bergere Armchairs

Ref 13646

Pair of Circa 1910 French Painted Armchairs

Ref 11797

Set of 14 Circa 1970s Plywood Dining Chairs

Ref 13702

Pair of Circa 1900 Mahogany Smoking Chairs

Ref 10009

Pair of 1950s Italian Armchairs

Ref 11142

Pair of 1950s Italian Upholstered Armchairs

Ref 12006

19th Cent Large French Armchair in Oak

Ref 13170

Late 19th cent English Armchair with a lovely colour

Ref 12571

19th Cent English Library Armchair

Ref 12920

Fine Pair of 19th Cent French Armchairs in the Regence Taste

Ref 13748

Pair of Circa 1910 Adam Revival Neoclassical Painted Armchairs

Ref 12492

Stylish Pair of 1950s French Armchairs

Ref 13680

An Elegant set of Six Gillow’s High Back Walnut Chairs

Ref 12911

19th Cent Swedish Chair

Ref 13690

Late 19th Cent French Louis XVI Style Desk Chair

Ref 13654

Stylish Pair of 1960s Spanish Leather and Chestnut Chairs

Ref 13806

19th Cent French Gilded Armchair

Ref 13148

Circa 1920s English Armchair in the Howard & Sons taste

Ref 13588

Wonderful 1950s French Curved Sofa

Ref 11791

Pair of Mid C20th French Beech Bergeres in the Louis XVI taste

Ref 13677

Pair of Mid 20th Cent French Cowhide Tub Chairs

Ref 13328

Fine Pair of 19th Cent French Armchairs in the Regence Taste

Ref 13732

Very Unusual Pair of Large early C20th Swedish Armchairs in Birchwood

Ref 13819

Early 19th century French Occasional Chair

Ref 13857

Illum Wikkelsö Model ML-90 Three Seater Danish Sofa

Ref 13817

Early 19th century Spanish Painted Chair

Ref 12072

Very comfortable 1950s Portuguese Leather Armchair

Ref 13452

Pair of Late 19th Cent Black Forest Carved Oak Chairs

Ref 13713

Oversized Oak Bobbin Turned Library Armchair

Ref 12784

Lovely Pair of Early 20th Cent French Painted Occasional Chairs

Ref 13734

Good Pair of Late 19th cent English Chairs

Ref 13079

Early 19th Cent English Regency Wingback Armchair

Ref 12927

Stylish 1950s Italian Sofa

Ref 13635

Good Pair of 19th cent Anglo-Portuguese Hall Chairs

Ref 12350
Enhance your interior with some antique chairs and sofas that show off their timeless beauty. At Brownrigg, we have a variety of chairs in different shapes, designs, colours and textures from the simple and elegant to the bold and elaborate. Introducing an unique chair in the room can be a daring way of changing the feel of the place. It can make a statement and can also easily change the mood of the whole setting.

Predominantly from the 18th to the mid 20th century, our collective antique furniture includes Danish Sofas, French Louise sofas and chairs, Italian armchairs, chairs of mahogany, bleached oak or walnut or original paint to English Country house armchairs. All these chairs have managed to retain their original charm and comfort.