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French Antiques


17 February 2014

19th Cent French Wooden Round Element adapted as a Mirror
19th Cent French Wooden Round Element adapted as a Mirror Spectacular architecture was always a strong point of France. As for art, though initially it was influenced more by the Gothic styles, after some inspiration from the Italians, slowly and steadily French art began to take shape and fine arts started becoming another strong forte of the French. Initially during the middle ages, furniture used to be sparse and mostly improvised.

The French started their affair with all that is arty during the Renaissance period that is the early 15th century after their invasion of Italy. These brought in a lot of difference to the furniture and other decorative items. The craftsman and artisans began producing fine artifacts such as pictures, soft furnishings, various versatile objets d’art, as well as some very beautiful furniture items that are sought after even today. The chests started being replaced by the cabinets and even chairs started becoming padded and more comfortable.


Pair of Early 19th Cent French Empire Candlesticks
Pair of Early 19th Cent French Empire Candlesticks During the initial times, copper and brass dominated the art world. Later there were a number of artisans who also experimented with other materials. French silverware was also common during the 18th century right up till the latter half of the century and these were commonly found in the houses in the form of cutlery or other useful eating and drinking accessories. Decorative photo frames were common for art initially and then for photography when it became more famous. French antique mirrors have always been the love of many and are beautifully ornate and regal. These look great and are still valued quite high. French Antiques have always given a new meaning to opulence and are definitely worth having as collectors’ items and decorative items.

French antiques are beautiful and are loved by connoisseurs of antiques and the enthusiasts alike. These have always been amongst the most popular pieces and are known for their good designs and quality.