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French Stockman Mannequins


08 June 2021

Vintage Mannequins are used even today by dressmakers and retailers to showcase their work. A vintage mannequin is a perfect way to introduce a retro appeal to your store. One of the most fascinating styles of mannequin is the dressmaker’s mannequin. It brings such a unique style and is a wonderful alternative to a modern mannequin, which is straight from the factory and identical to so many others. A vintage mannequin from days gone by has its own story and background that just adds to its appeal and mystique.

At Brownrigg Interiors our fine collection includes pieces from Stockman - the specialist maker of dressmaker mannequins. Stockman are known all over the globe for their quality workmanship and the unique knowledge passed down from generation to generation. Stockman mannequins are still used by some of the biggest names of the fashion industry. These hand-crafted Stockman busts showcase a certain kind of elegance and as they are created using papier mâché they are highly durable.

Quality is something that the company has always upheld, and they never compromise on quality for speed of production. Everything is handcrafted right from the moulding to the dressing and each and every component is specifically chosen and adapted to the various models. The end result is simply mannequins that are as much in demand today as they were in the past!
While you can find the chic modern versions on their website, we have a fine variety from the past that are full of character and charm for a beautiful vintage feel to your space. Visit our website to have a look at the options we have available.