3 March 2013

French Antiques and Decorative Antiques – Louis XVI style

French Antiques brownrigg

French antiques and furniture are becoming very popular and in high demand for their romantic, rustic style and finesse based on the evergreen tradition of exotic French craftsmanship. The rich antique leather armchairs and upholstery complemented by ornate woodcarvings and regal designs are just some of the characteristics of the Parisian furniture style that was once produced for French royalty.

If you want to invoke the air of regal grace, royalty and elegance in your home, you should consider using decorative antiques, like painted French antiques and furniture for their exotic wood finishings and royal splendour. French antiques and neoclassical furniture are usually rectangular-shaped without any curve. The backs of antique leather armchairs and chairs in general were rectangular or oval with turned legs, often fluted in reference to Classical architectural columns.

A significant number of antiquated French furniture styles date back to the 16th century.

The French furniture evolves through three style phases. Decorative antiques fashioned after Louis XVI style was already in vogue by the time of Louis XVI’s coronation in 1774. It was replaced in 1795 by the Directoire style known for its balance, clarity and restraint. Empire Style is particularly linked with the furniture types and decoration found in Napoleon’s numerous residences which are characterized in particular by lavishly painted antiques and draperies.

Like most changes in taste, the sudden growth in popularity of neoclassicism is hard to fathom, but the reaction against the curvilinear frivolity of rococo happened quickly; during the later reign of Louis XVI, the style was fully developed.

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