Delivery & Returns


All items sold by Brownrigg Interiors exclude shipping unless stated or agreed in writing. The following conditions apply:

1. Customer pays for shipping:
a. Customer must arrange for packaging and collection of the good/s from the provided address
b. In the event the customer would like Brownrigg Interiors to help organise the shipping (and where relevant packaging & insurance) Brownrigg Interiors will be pleased to assist with this via a professional company and the company will charge the customer directly or via Brownrigg.
c. Title of the goods passes to the customer upon collection of the good/s by the packaging company or delivery of the goods to the packaging company by Brownrigg Interiors.
d. Cost of this service is at the customer’s cost and liability.

2. Shipping costs included in the agreed cost of the goods.
a. Brownrigg Interiors will arrange for the shipping of the goods
b. Brownrigg Interiors will organise packaging, insurance and shipping of the goods
c. Title of the goods passes to the buyer upon receipt of the good/s by the customer (proof of delivery).

Returns Policy

3. The buyer is responsible for the return of the goods at their expense to an address supplied by Brownrigg Interiors upon confirmation of cancellation. The buyer must have the good/s professionally packed to ensure safe carriage.

4. If the buyer would like Brownrigg Interiors to arrange professional packaging, insurance and shipping and the cost is less than the purchase price, then Brownrigg Interiors will be happy to do this and the costs for this service, plus a 10% handling fee, will be deducted from the purchase price, at point of refund.

5. The buyer must insure the good/s at the price paid to protect against loss or damage whilst the good/s is/are in their procession and until the good/s are received by Brownrigg Interiors. Proof of insurance must be given before shipping. In the event the buyer does not want to provide proof of insurance for the good/s or take out insurance, then they have agreed by default that they have taken full liability for any damage that occurs whilst the good/s are in their procession or during the shipping process back to Brownrigg Interiors.

6. The item must be returned in the same condition as supplied by Brownrigg Interiors. In the event the good/s are not as supplied, then Brownrigg Interiors can:
a. Deduct the cost for restoration of the good/s to bring them back to the same condition as supplied. Brownrigg Interiors will provide a breakdown of the costs to the buyer so the buyer can then claim from their insurance.
b. Charge a diminishing value against the goods due to the damage/restoration of the goods.
c. In the event the goods returned are beyond economical repair, then no refund will be given to the buyer and it is the buyers responsibility to recover their loss from their insurers. Brownrigg Interiors, where possible will assist in providing the relevant information as applicable.

For more information please contact us to clarify any of the above before proceeding with a purchase.