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Tetbury has long been a destination for those in search of antiques and interiors inspiration…

Brownrigg is situated in the glorious Cotswolds, close to Cirencester and easily accessible from London and other parts of the UK. The M4 and M5 motorways are in proximity and clients often call in when travelling to or from the West Country, Wales and North West.

Day trips from London are very doable either by car (2hrs) or by train to Kemble station – key travel information is below or call the shop from our contact page.

Brownrigg antique vintage shop tetbury gloucestershire

Practical information

Trains run from Paddington to Kemble station, from where Brownrigg is a ten minute taxi ride.

If you have time to stay overnight or spend the weekend in the Cotswolds, there are a wide range of lovely hotels nearby – in particular we recommend the Close Hotel in Tetbury, the nearby Rectory Hotel or Calcot Manor & Spa.

Unfortunately the shop is not wheelchair accessible due to steps from the pavement to the ground floor and no lift for the upper floors.

Map and contact information

Visit Brownrigg and we hope you’ll discover a truly different and individual world that will both challenge and delight you.

 We strive to fill the shop and our website with a diverse variety of antique and decorative items from early 17th century antique pieces through to 20th century vintage.

For us the ‘mix’ is everything and if a 17th century Italian console is home to a collection of mid 20th century German pottery and the combination speaks to us; then it is quite simply meant to be.

Our stock features a variety of English antiques as well as pieces from France, Italy, Sweden and beyond. We source an extraordinary variety of decorative and painted furniturecarving, ceramics, lighting, mirrors and a blend of classic and country house antiques.

brownrigg antiques tetbury uk
brownrigg antiques tetbury uk
Brownrigg antique vintage shop tetbury gloucestershire

Bookcases can be like a window into your world… a small piece of who you are

Rethink the purpose of a bookcase and place in it a treasure trove that is a window into your life. It tells a story and means you can present a part of yourself that others might not otherwise see or appreciate. How often have we walked into a room and the story just isn’t there. You can look around searching for it, but it’s almost as if the owner of the room was too afraid to let the room speak for itself and it could all have been so different.

Our collection always includes a number of antique, ebonised and painted bookcases as well as a variety of library folding ladders and decorative pieces to help complete the look.

All our antique bookcases and display cabinets

Brownrigg antique vintage shop tetbury gloucestershire

Tables – the essence of a room

At Brownrigg you will find an array of enticingly varied tables. Of course all of the elements in a room are important, but tables are a fundamental part of us being and doing.

Stood or sat, alone or with others, holding a glass, a fork, a pen, a book or a brush, a table is rarely out of reach. Whether you’re seating twelve for supper or need a small martini table by the bath, just big enough to take a glass and balance a book for the precious half hour between late afternoon and the guests arriving.

We often stock pieces such as antique centre tables, farmhouse tables, antique oak side tables, desk and games tables, antique ebonized tables and antique servers. Added to which, these are made in every kind of wood you can imagine –  fruitwood, walnut, rosewood, cherry wood, elm, burr elm, mahogany or bleached oak.

If you’re looking for something specific, you might find your ideas upended by what you’ll discover.

Our antique and vintage tables

Find a gem you never imagined from our wide and varied range of stock, be it antiques from the UK, Italy, France, Spain or further afield.

Brownrigg antique vintage shop tetbury gloucestershire

Behind closed doors and drawers

Chests, whether cabinets, commodes, armoires, bookcases or the classic chest of drawers are a necessity of life… this is true whether yours is organised in true homage to your OCDness or a glorious jumble of paperclips, Hermès ribbons and small vials of intoxicating essences that prick the senses and heighten the pleasures. Little wonder – they are both beautiful and practical additions to any interior.

Our range of antique chests often include commodes and chests of drawers of all kinds including French painted, Empire commodes and Directoire commodes as well as antique painted chests.

In addition we often stock a collection of antique desks and cupboards including ebonized desks, display cabinets and era-specific pieces such as 1930s desks.

Our stock of armoires, bureaux and cupboards

Brownrigg antique vintage shop tetbury gloucestershire

Now to seating…

There is a whole psychology to seating and it runs way beyond the fact stated by many a nervous mother in law, that in any drawing room the largest person will always head for the most fragile chair.

Sort your needs into labels… width, depth, comfort, aesthetic, posture, age of sitter, gender of sitter, skirt or no skirt, user of antimacassar oil, likelihood of red wine spillage, length of dinner, likely to sleep and snore, likely to overstay their welcome… the list is endless. We have bought hundreds of chairs over the years that tick one or more of these boxes and never tire of moving them around the house, reupholstering them and having them fall in and out of favour.

We have a wide variety of antique benches, armchairs, hall chairs, sets of dining chairs (and much more besides) to work with and create a different kind of seating arrangement in each room according to your requirements.

You’ll also find a number of benches, stools and daybeds, antique dining chairs, leather armchairs or a range of sofas and occasional chairs from France and Sweden to choose from.

Discover our complete range of antique seating

Brownrigg antique vintage shop tetbury gloucestershire

Beyond antique furniture

We also deal in other antique and decorative pieces from the 17th to the 20th century, including; mirrors, paintings, art, ceramics, glass, sculpture, garden statuary, vintage cushions and linens, tapestries and wall hangings.

The list of things that might capture our attention is limitless. In the words of one young family member… ‘why do you have so much stuff?’. Having spoken to his mother about parenting, I turned to the young lad in question and invited him to chose a piece from a small collection of walking sticks to start a collection of his own – and so another rising star was born!

Our range of contemporary vintage stock