19 November 2013

Antique and vintage luggage

antique vintage luggage brownrigg

Fine quality luggage from the likes of Louis Vuitton and Goyard are amongst the most sought after luggage we stock. The fact is, they just don’t make luggage as fine and aesthetically well defined as these old world classics anymore. Modern luggage may be more practical, but they are definitely not as charming to look at. All these old luggage pieces are remarkable collectibles in their own right and can also be made use of in a number of ways in the home décor.

Antique leather trunks and luggage portray a lot of versatility of usage and at the same time make great decorative antiques. With good storage capacities and chic appearances they make great antique embellishments.

Use them as coffee tables, centre tables, side tables, lamp stands or just stack up one over the other to make stunning functional displays. Making use of these old things in fresh ways will most often make great focal points in your room. There’s no question, these trunks and suitcases exude an inherent charm.

antique vintage luggage brownrigg

Trunks by Goyard and Louis Vuitton from the olden times are extremely rare to find around now days. Thanks to their timeless beauty and elegance, they have become very collectable and are amongst the most sought after luggage that was ever made.

antique vintage luggage brownrigg

There are a number of Louis Vuitton options available. Some still carry their original markings like this wonderful and very unusual, early Louis Vuitton antique trunk ( Vuittonitte ), created around 1860, and retaining the original label.

The labelling is the second earliest label that Louis Vuitton did (originally for transport). This beautiful and charming trunk would make an ideal coffee table.

There are also the classy hand woven printed ones that are extremely rare.

Trunks by Goyard are also rare finds and even these works very well as coffee tables, and also retain the original Goyard labels and lock.

If you cannot find a vintage trunk to suit your requirements remember you can always order a bespoke trunks from us as these too make excellent pieces of storage, stands and display.

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