2 January 2014

Howard and Sons furniture

Howard and Sons furniture brownrigg

The name Howard and Sons is synonymous with style and finesse. Howard and Sons leads when it comes to superior quality and some of the most sought after items in the world of furniture.

Being best known for their upholstered furniture creations, their items have always been defined by excellent quality and finish with beautiful designs and patterns.

The company was first started in the year 1820 and almost after 25 years ventured into the upholstered furniture business. The year 1848 saw a major boom in the business of the company and from then on they were on an uphill climb towards becoming one of the best.

Howard and Sons furniture brownrigg

Wonderful matched pair of 19th Cent Country House Howard & Sons sofas

A few years down the line in the year 1869, the company brought together all its shops under one roof and later the company won its Royal Warrants in 1901 after becoming a limited company.

After 1935, popular decorators Lenygon and Morant took over as the ‘Makers of Howard Chairs and Sofas’ and continued to take the name forward by creating quality sofas and armchairs.

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