9 March 2015

Beauty of antique soft furnishings

antique soft furnishings

When anyone thinks about incorporating antiques in the house often decorative antique artifacts and furniture items are what comes to mind first. Few first consider the astounding variety of beautiful soft furnishings for the purpose of decoration. The final effect that the soft furnishings can achieve in the décor is as beautiful and timeless as its other decorative counterparts.

Antique soft furnishings often include fabulous tapestries and mounted fabric options, vintage cushions and rugs and other miscellaneous fabrics that can be put to creative use. The beauty of these fabrics and vintage cushions is that they can complement the classic or contemporary homes with ease.

A fine example of an antique tapestry is this outstanding 17th century Brussels tapestry fragment in wool, depicting a battle scene, with soldiers, horse and cherubs, retaining the wonderful bright colours.

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