15 December 2017

Uses for antique stools in the interior

antique stool

Any element from the world of antiques can add culture and class to a decor and antique stools are no exception.

Antique stools come in various forms, such as antique piano stools from the Victorian period. In the earlier times joint stools came in sets for small tables and for dining tables. Stools slightly lesser in height were reserved for common uses. These stools were found in varying heights from 22 inches down to the smaller versions that were between 12 inches to 16 inches. While the larger ones were used for seating and such purposes, the smaller ones were used as footstools.

Antique stools make a great seating option for instance when you need a quick place to perch while pulling on your shoes. Sets of these stools can be used in the kitchens to make quick space for guests in your cooking area. A pair of stools can make great bedside tables too. In a living room apart from side tables these can be of use to display an artefact, lamp or even a potted plant. If you have your own reading corner this can make a great small table to keep your coffee mug.

If you are on a lookout for some classic versions of antique stools to design your contemporary homes, at Brownrigg we have some great options.

See for example this Early 20th cent Painted Stool in the 18th century taste, a very elegant antique stool with a lovely patina.

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