22 November 2021

Gorgeous Fauteuils from the World of French Antiques

French antiques have always been the epitome of grace and elegance, with several different styles of each type of furniture beautifully showcasing elements of the period they belonged to. One such classic is the French fauteuils that were a common element in the French homes during the late 17th century.

What exactly is a Fauteuil?
French fauteuils were a famous piece of furniture that were first created in France sometime during the late 17th century. It is kind of an open armchair with an exposed wooden frame. These were made of wood and typically had an upholstered seat and backrest which were always encased in the chair’s wood, featuring painted or gilded exposed wooden elements. These days, fauteuil chairs are typically used as an accent chair or a desk chair.

Fauteuils were mostly seen with square seats and backrests with edges that would be rounded. However, there were also oval-backed ones with stylised arms. In our versatile collection of French armchairs and French leather chairs, we have some wonderful French fauteuils, both classic and formal, and ones with an informal yet classic appeal.

A fauteuil can really dress up a plain interior. Have a look at this fine pair of late 18th century French Louis XVI period armchairs for instance. These retain their original paint and have been reupholstered in a mustard check linen with studs. Light and perfect, these aren’t your typical formal fauteuils but a rather comfortable and graceful version amongst many other ornate and elegant examples.

If you are looking for a set, we also have this other pair of late 18th century French Louis XVI period French armchairs retaining the original paint that will go well with the other pair. We have given this pair of French chairs a facelift with gorgeous Ivory linen upholstery along with contrast piping and studs.
These can work wonderfully well as a set; how well a pair works goes without saying! Head to our ‘Seating’ section to have a look at the other gorgeous options in our collection.