14 January 2022

Sets of Antique Accessories for Visually Impactful Decor

Grouping together decorative accessories as a visually impactful element in the décor of a room is a popular design choice. Whether your style is vintage vignettes, antique decorative pieces or rustic salvage, you can always make a statement when displaying interesting decorative collections.

Decorative accessories are the heart of any décor. Not only do they breathe life into the home but also give it a unique personality and creating an aesthetically appealing ensemble can do a lot of good for your interiors.

At Brownrigg Interiors we have some fabulous antiques that can be put to good use for such groupings. Here is a list of our favourites:
Have a look at this stunning set of four late 19th/early 20th century Spanish tiles on a wooden frame. These will make for a subtle yet eye-catching ensemble.

Another very interesting set is this large antique, late 19th century Spanish lebrillo from Fajalauza (Granada). This is a wonderful set of 18 glazed earthenware dishes that will make a stunning combo for a residential or commercial space.

If quirky is your design calling, this charming set of eight 19th century French pharmacy / apothecary jars and covers in white ceramic is definitely for you!

There are many more wonderful options in our collection, take a look through our website to discover what other delights we have to offer. Although furniture is the heart of the décor, and has a profound influence on any ambience, when it comes to interior design the little details can have a huge impact. It is their beauty and charm that breathe life into a room, adding a unique personality. Whether it is antique ceramics or pharmacy jars, utilise them cleverly and they can truly take the visual appearance of your space to the next level. Browse our website or come visit us in store to see our fantastic collection.