26 May 2022

Antique Tapestries over Wallpaper

Wallpaper is fantastic, but is maybe a little mainstream for some tastes! Instead, how about some unique ideas to adorn your walls? Tapestries are a wonderful way of creating a perfectly artsy backdrop.

Tapestries were often seen in Tudor palaces as well as aristocratic homes, hung against the walls to create stunning pictorial backdrops. Typically portraying bright and eye-catching scenes from daily life, many tapestries also featured nature, animals and even wars. Tapestries offer an incredibly unique way of introducing a decorative element to your space that is bound to stand out in the most beautiful manner. They benefit from versatility and depending on whether you want them to stand out or be more subtle, there are many appropriate options to choose from.

At Brownrigg we have a mix of heavy antique tapestries and lighter ones in different sizes. We always stock a small but carefully chosen selection of antique tapestries from the 17th and the 18th century, with Aubusson, French, Felletin, Flemish, verdure etc. amongst our wall hangings and screens section. Our selection of antique screens includes tapestry, fabric, leather, lacquer, découpage or trompe l’oeil and be either floor standing or wall mounted.

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