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1930s French Three Light Chandelier

Ref 6503

Large Set of Industrial Lights in Green Enamel and Cast Aluminium

Ref 12469

Late 19th Century American Bronze Chandelier

Ref 13441

Large 19th Century Maria Theresa Chandelier

Ref 12133

A Good French Copper Lantern, Late 19th Century

Ref 10444

Wonderful 1940s Six Arm Chandelier

Ref 11771

Late 19th Cent English Railway Copper Lantern

Ref 12471

1920s Hanging Light

Ref 13309

Large 1960s Spanish Gilt Metal Chandelier

Ref 14639

Circa 1940s French Six Light Chandelier

Ref 14708

Outstanding Early C20th Country House 10 Arm Chandelier

Ref 9389

Great 1930s French Bronze & Crystal Chandelier

Ref 11459

Large 19th century Tole Lantern

Ref 13405

Large Late 19th Century English Lantern

Ref 14782

A Spectacular 1950s Spanish Wrought Iron Chandelier

Ref 8707

Large 1960s French Gilt Bronze Chandelier with Glass Leaf Decoration

Ref 14080

Mid 20th Cent Spanish White Glazed Terracotta Single Hanging Light

Ref 14748

Outstanding Art Deco 10 Light Bronze Chandelier

Ref 12744

Late 19th century French Six Branch Wooden Chandelier

Ref 14629

Pair of 1970s Spanish Painted Metal Lanterns

Ref 14625

18th Cent Carved Wood Hanging Light

Ref 8457

Beautiful 1940s Spanish Eight Arm Glass Chandelier

Ref 14720

Wonderful 1960s/70s Ceiling Light

Ref 11120

Large 1950s /60s Spanish Hanging / Wall Light

Ref 14772

Unusual 1960s Metal Ceiling Light

Ref 11467

1960s Italian Chrome “DNA” Light

Ref 12473

Circa 1900 English Alabaster Pendant

Ref 14156

Elegant Pair of Large 1950s/60s French Toile Lanterns in the Louis XV taste

Ref 14560

Globo Ring

Ref 8056

Large Mid C20th Spanish Silver Gilt Lantern in the Moroccan taste

Ref 13465

Stylish 1970s Chandelier in the shape of a Flower

Ref 13340

Spectacular 1930s Large 12 Light Glass Chandelier

Ref 9892

19th Century Spanish 12 Arm Glass Chandelier

Ref 14845

Pair of Mid 20th Cent English Original Industrial Lights in Green

Ref 14358

1970s French Chrome Hanging Light

Ref 14774

Large Early 20th century French Fifteen Arm Chandelier

Ref 14633

Pair of Mid 20th Cent Spanish White Glazed Terracotta Hanging Lights

Ref 14744
We carry always a selection of antique ceiling lighting from the 18th to the mid 20th century. Please contact us and we might be able to move items from one shop to another for you to view.