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Luggage & Leather Goods

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1930s English Leather Briefcase

Ref 11749

1960s/70s Gucci Luggage in Canvas and Leather

Ref 11757

1920s English Gladston Leather Bag

Ref 11754

French Circa 1920s Brass Pinned Leather Suitcase

Ref 8839

1920s Black Leather English Briefcase

Ref 11752

1930s Leather Briefcase

Ref 11750

1960s/70s Gucci Luggage in Canvas and Leather

Ref 11758

19th cent Hill & Millard Leather Suitcase

Ref 11756

Circa 1920s Belted Gladstone Leather Bag

Ref 8840
Brownrigg specializes in a good range of fine antique luggage, from makers such as Louis Vuitton and Goyard as well as many other lesser known makers. But the quality that you will find here at Brownrigg is always at its best. The Louis Vuitton cases and suitcases and Goyard are some of the rare collectibles and are extremely sought after these days. This category features a varied collection of items such as antique crocodile briefcases, English kit bags and antique English attaché cases in leather and canvas etc. Browse through this category to see the available pieces.