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Pair of 19th cent Italian Girandole Mirrors

Ref 11884

A fine and Impressive Pair of 18th Cent Italian Carved Giltwood Mirrors

Ref 13091

Large Pair of 1940s Later Ebonised French Mirrors

Ref 13412

Good pair of 19th Cent French Gilded Mirrors

Ref 12925

Pair of 1970s Spanish Gilded Metal Oval Mirrors

Ref 13933

Set of Six Mid 20th Century French Mirrors

Ref 13711

Pair of Mid 20th Cent Spanish Gilt Metal Mirrors

Ref 13696

Large Pair of 1950s Brass Framed French Mirrors

Ref 13665

Matched Pair of 19th Cent Venetian Mirrors

Ref 13969