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Silver Plated Ice Buckets


06 May 2020

Silver and glass ice buckets always were, and also remain a fancier option when it comes to drinks presentation. The use of decorative ice buckets goes as far back to the Roman Empire where Emperor Nero was known to make use of the ice buckets to cool wine during the first century. Some elegantly designed options were also seen in the 16th and 17th centuries. These beautiful silver examples were used for chilling wine and champagne and were seen in the aristocratic homes throughout Europe.
At Brownrigg Interiors, we have a good collection of wine and champagne buckets from the first half of the 19th century. Each and every piece in our collection is distinctly elegant in design and has different holding capacities. All subtly different - some have fancy holding rings on either side, others have a single bucket handle. The designs vary, are all elegant, and look good on their own or grouped.
Browse through our Ice Buckets Collection to have a look at the different options. We also have other similar silver items such as cocktail shakers that can be used together as a complementary set. Due to the current crisis, our Tetbury showroom remains closed. But you can get in touch with us via our website, through our Instagram handle, or via email and telephone if a particular item in our stock interests you. Delivery is still available, and we will always be happy to supply more information on any item.