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Mid 20th cent French Oil on Board

Ref 13948

Original oil on Canvas by D W Yarrinton C2003

Ref 13381

Wonderful Pair of Large 19th Cent Spanish Oil on Canvas

Ref 13261

Pair of 19th cent Paintings of Shire Horses

Ref 12096

Original oil on canvas of Flowers

Ref 13374

Early to mid 20th Century Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Child

Ref 9611

Charming 1940s Oil on Canvas

Ref 13962

Wonderful Early 20th Century Oil on Canvas

Ref 8672

19th Cent Oil on Canvas of a Dog

Ref 13105

19th Century Cockatoo Oil Painting on Cardboard

Ref 13082

Original Oil on Board by Anthony John

Ref 7842

French 1920s Still Life of Flowers

Ref 10866

Wonderful pair of 19th cent Italian Oil on Canvas

Ref 12627

Early 19th century Oil on Canvas

Ref 13131

Follower of Louis Ferdinand Elle I

Ref 5753

Original oil on canvas by Maurice Cockrill R.A.

Ref 3057

Large, Late 19th/ Early 20th cent Spanish Painting of Toledo

Ref 12102

Original Oil on Canvas by Lord Methuen RA

Ref 12081

1930s English Oil on Board

Ref 13516

Anne Spalding “Chest of Drawers” Circa 1951

Ref 12034

1970s Painting of The Royal Crescent, Bath

Ref 11412

"Blue Harlequin” Original Oil on Canvas by Ángel García López

Ref 12161

Pair of 19th Century Paintings of Classical Figures

Ref 10873

An Abstract Oil on Canvas by D. J. White

Ref 13760

Large 1940s Oil on Board Nude

Ref 13990

Set of three reduction on panel from the Royal pavilion by Wilfred Frost

Ref 12288

Original Oil on Board by Gordon Bennet

Ref 12257

1930s Oil On Board Portrait

Ref 11682

"Yolanda Graziani” Circa 1970 Oil on Board

Ref 13238

Early 20th century French Oil on Canvas

Ref 12019

18th Century Spanish Oil Painting

Ref 11416

Large Circa 1990 Oil on Board Painting

Ref 12078

Oil on Canvas by Silvia St George

Ref 1253

Knud Nielsen

Ref 12021
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