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Large pair of Mid 20th cent Spanish Wall Lights

Ref 13869

Large Pair of 1960s Spanish wall Lights

Ref 13867

Pair of 19th century Tole Chinoiserie Tea Canisters as Lamps

Ref 13849

19th Cent Spanish Chandelier in Terracotta

Ref 13808

Superb Early C20th Twenty Light Chandelier of large Proportions

Ref 13777

Outstanding Large 19th Cent French Bronze & Cast Iron Lantern

Ref 13769

Pair of 1970s Table Lamps with Luciano Frigerio Bronze Panels

Ref 13762

Outstanding and Very Large Pair of 1950s French Wall Lights

Ref 13737

Pair of Late 19th century Italian Marble Table Lamps

Ref 13733

Pair of 1960s/70s Manises Porcelain Lamps (Spain)

Ref 13712

Pair of Spanish Gilded Metal Wall Lights Mid 20th Cent

Ref 13699

Pair of Mid C20th English Wall Lanterns

Ref 13697

Superb Pair of large 1960s/70s Ceramic Table Lights

Ref 13694

Fine Pair of Early 19th Cent French Neoclassical Table Lamps

Ref 13684

Pair of 1950s/60s Italian table Lamps

Ref 13872

Pair of mid 20th cent Italian Wall Lights

Ref 13868

Pair of early 20th century Polished Brass Table lamps

Ref 13847

Pair of 1960/70s Italian beech lamps in the form of book presses

Ref 13845

Pair of 1970 Leather and Brass Italian Standard Lamps

Ref 13832