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Elegant 1970s French Circular Coffee Table

Ref 14908

1970s Plexiglass Brass Mounted Coffee Table

Ref 14916

Very Large Early C20th Coffee Table

Ref 13372

Large Bronze Coffee Table by Italy Valenti (Spain)

Ref 14678

Good Quality Bespoke Dark Brown Leather Coffee Table

Ref 8999

1970s Oak Coffee Table

Ref 15187

1970s French Gilt-Bronze and Perspex Coffee Table

Ref 11453

1950s French Occasional / Coffee Table

Ref 11262

1970s Round Brass Coffee Table

Ref 11265

A Stylish French Chrome and Brass Coffee Table, 1970s

Ref 10457

Bespoke Cowhide Trunk / Coffee Table

Ref 9006

1970s Italian Coffee Table in the Baroque Style

Ref 13999

1970s Octagonal Coffee Table in the style of Gabriella Crespi

Ref 11545

Bespoke Crocodile and Hessian Coffee Table / Trunk

Ref 9009

Late 20th cent Italian Faux Crocodile Leather Coffee Table

Ref 12107

Oscar Tusquets Original Trebol Table / Occasional Table

Ref 14350

1940s Italian Coffee Table in the Style of Liberty

Ref 14339

1940s French Coffee Table by Andre Margat & Maurice Rinck

Ref 12836

1940s Table attributed to Gilbert Poillerat ( 1902-1988)

Ref 11363

Mid 20th Century Industrial Coffee Table

Ref 14771

Early 20th century Red Lacquer Chinoiserie Coffee Table

Ref 12384

Very Stylish 1930s/40s Coffee Table in the Style of Charles Dudouyt

Ref 14938
This category features some good options of coffee tables and low tables that can be used in a number of different ways in the homes. There are a variety of designs available. Restore them and paint them the way you want or incorporate them in their original state. No matter what you do with these, they will look good.

Select from our wide range of available coffee tables and low tables from the 19th century. These feature a number of unique designs with great colours and patterns. Some of these available pieces include 1960s French brass coffee table, 1960s/70s Perspex coffee table with glass top, a rare 1900 Throne chair from the Republic of Cameroon etc. Browse through the category for the details of all the available coffee tables and low tables.